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Our Story



Our Story

BIAC is a family jet charter company based in Utila, Honduras. Established in 2015, BIAC has proudly operated an accident free operation for over 15 years.


Mr. Troy is a businessman from Utila. Utila is a small island on the Caribbean that become popular for diving around 20 years ago. During that time, only two flying companies were bringing people here, but you could not rely on them, they were late or they canceled flights with no reasons, leaving all the tourist on mainland. This was really bad for the island because they were losing clients. Mr. Troy looked at the aircraft charter market and saw an opportunity.


He also realized that It was not easy to handle emergencies when you are in a Caribbean island far away from mainland. Mr. Troy had a vision, Utila also needed a charter flight available for covering this emergencies.


At the beginning he was renting planes, after a while he was able to get his own planes. That’s how BIAC started.


Our commitment to customer service has not faltered and remains the foundation of the business to this day. Our priority is your safety, and the safety of your loved ones.