What is a charter flight?

The world of travel is full of confusing terms that the everyday traveller may not understand. Charter flights, for example, is one of those terms. Travellers may have heard about charter flights, but likely never considered them as an option for their own travel.

Generally speaking, a charter flight is an aircraft flight that has been arranged and paid for by an individual or group for a specific trip. Meaning the entire flight goes to a specific destination, for a specific reason, with only those people who booked it. Be it for a vacation tour package or large group travelling to the same place for an event, the entire plane (not just a group of seats) is booked for a specific purpose.

This means that you create your own flight schedule, decide when you want to depart and select who accompanies you onboard. We take care of the rest!

How do we pay for our flight?

Credit card (2% processing fee), cash (USD or Lempiras), Paypal or wire transfer.

Can you fly in all types of weather?

There are times when flights must be diverted or delayed for weather. Your flight crew will inform you of any delays and options for dealing with them. Your safety is always our first concern.

When should I arrive for departure?

One of the primary benefits of charter is that you set the schedule. You set the departure time and arrive at your convenience. The aircraft will be normally ready for departure no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time and will depart when your group is ready to go.

How long does it take to get to ________?

UTILA ↔ ROATAN = 15 minutes.
UTILA ↔ CEIBA = 15 Minutes.
UTILA ↔ SAN PEDRO SULA = 40 Minutes.
UTILA ↔ GUANAJA = 40 Minutes.

Is baggage limited by weight?

Our Cessna 206 has space for 1260 pounds, 5 passengers and the pilot. Please ask before your flight how much luggage you can bring because it depends on how many people there is on your flight.

Can we choose our own schedule?

Yes. Choosing your own schedule is one of the many benefits of flying private.